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Michael L. Hinton

The global community to which I belong to, has wrestled with the deepest questions of human existence for thousands of years. I don’t claim to have all the answers or to even have it all figured out. But, what I do know is that there is a big God who loves you and I want to open your eyes to the beauty that comes with following Jesus.


The Uncommon Christian Podcast

The Uncommon Christian Podcast is designed to encourage and inspire the common Christian to live out their uncommon faith. In each episode, Michael Hinton and from time to time, special guests will share wisdom from the Bible in hopes of encouraging and inspiring every Christian to love Jesus and live out their purpose in an uncommon way.


Teaching videos

A Conversation About Jesus

I don’t have all the answers honestly. However, what I do have is a set of truths so profound, so uplifting and so transformative that it is my hope that your eyes will be open to the beauty of following Jesus.


blog entries


Several years ago, I needed a way to capture what God was doing in me and through me. What came from that is this blog and my thoughts on following Jesus.